Wind Damage to Asphalt Shingles: Common Misconceptions

How does wind damage to asphalt shingles manifest, and what do you need to do about it? In today’s post, local roofing company Winfield Builders debunks the most common misconceptions about wind damage to asphalt shingles.

Asphalt Shingles

MYTH: Wind damage only happens during a storm

Most people associate wind damage with major weather events like storms and hurricanes, but the truth is, wind damage can happen even on a clear day. It’s easier to overlook this kind of wind damage because it likely doesn’t feel severe at the time. This why you should inspect your roof regularly, keeping an eye out for signs like dislodged or missing shingles. Also, watch for creases that appear about an inch below the edge of the asphalt shingle above. This indicates the shingles have been lifted by the wind and require repairs.

MYTH: Adhesive-reinforced asphalt shingles can’t be damaged by wind

Asphalt shingles today are reinforced by an adhesive that helps protect the roof against wind lift. However, no roofing system is 100% wind-proof. While these adhesives can withstand a lot, they can still sustain damage if the wind is strong enough.

MYTH: It’s okay to postpone repairs to wind-damaged roofs

Wind damage should be treated like any other type of roof damage: as a matter of urgency. Failure to prioritize repairs will only result in the damage worsening, costing more to fix when you do get around to it.

MYTH: Wind-damaged roofs always need to be replaced

In many cases, wind-damaged roofs do not need to be fully replaced. In extreme cases replacement may be required, but usually you can get by with isolated repairs.

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