Why Your Contractor’s Choice Of Gutter Screws Matters

Screws are often overlooked by people but in every home project such as gutter installation, it is essential. Your home’s gutter system can be the difference between a safe or a defective home. Hence, paying attention to how your gutters are placed and knowing the right materials are used for it is critical. Roofers from Winfield Builders will talk you through why contractors getting the right screws is such a big deal.

Why Your Contractor’s Choice Of Gutter Screws Matters

Anchor Points

All gutters are supported by brackets and braces, but those braces have to be anchored to the fascia. This is where you need durable screws that are strong enough to hold the weight of the gutter’s components PLUS the sheer weight of the water runoff being channeled to the storm drain.

Potential Rusting

Zinc-plated screws are commonly used for the installation of gutters. While they do a good job of fastening gutter hangers, these rarely last long. Prolonged exposure to the elements wears out the zinc plating and exposes the steel core, which will then succumb to rusting, a tell-tale sign of which is the weeping rust stains that are clearly visible against light-colored finishes.

Long-term Performance

Any large screw can be strong enough to keep your gutters in place, but not every option will be able to hold on for long enough, especially when exposed to heavy moisture. A non-corrosive screw will easily rust and deteriorate, losing its strength and potentially causing the gutter to fall off. This means roofers and installers must use corrosion-resistant screws if your gutter is supposed to last for a very long time.

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