Why Metal Roofs Are Better Than Tile

In the roofing industry, nothing can beat tiles in terms of longevity, especially slate tiles. However, while they do weather well, they’re not exactly durable. Roofing tiles can be surprisingly fragile, breaking from the impact of hailstones and even footsteps. Sustained gales can blow loose tiles off too, which then hit the ground and shatter.

Why Metal Roofs Are Better Than Tile

In this post, Winfield Builders explains why metal roofing panels are an excellent alternative to tile.

They Are Light

Any metal used in roofing applications is a “low weight, high strength” material. This means it can get the job done without putting the stress of a lot of added weight on your home. Regardless of the covering it’s replacing, metal roofing doesn’t require structural reinforcements during installation. Upgrading to metal can also be more cost-effective and less time-consuming than switching to a heavier material.

They Drain Efficiently

Metal panels generally have a smooth surface. Any experienced roofing company, like Winfield Builders, will tell you that such a quality aids drainage. With the right amount of pitch to capitalize on gravity, water, snow and debris will easily slide right off.

They Are Low-Maintenance

In addition to the fact that they clear themselves off without any help, metal roofs rarely need repairs either. They must be inspected as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, of course, but professionals are likely not to find any cause for concern when the roof’s been properly installed.

That being said, you should always keep an eye on any long branches hanging over your metal roof, which could potentially damage the protective finish on the roofing panels by brushing against them and leaving an abrasion.

They Consist of Recycled Material

Both metal panels and tiles are eco-friendly, but environmentally-conscious roofing and siding experts would agree that the former are more sustainable. Most metal roofs contain a significant amount of reclaimed material, and at the end of their service lives can be recycled completely, freeing up more room in already overflowing landfills.

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