Why It’s Better to Do a Complete Roof Tear-Off

As you prepare for and anticipate a roof replacement, it’s likely you are given two simple choices. It’s either you have your old roof completely removed to be replaced by a brand-new roofing system or just have new materials installed on your old shingles. Which is the best option? Here, roofers from Winfield Builders will discuss why it’s ideal to make a roof tear-off.

Complete Roof Tear-Off

It Maximizes the Advantages of Having a New Roof Installed

Entirely replacing your roof allows you to enjoy the benefits of installing a new one. Your contractors can take a closer look underneath the shingles to assess if your home is structurally sound to support a new roof as it is replaced. Keep in mind that this isn’t possible if you’re considering a roof overlay.

You won’t also have to worry about old shingles and gutters hindering the performance of the new layer on top of it because its entirety is good as new.

It Prolongs Your Roof’s Lifespan

If you have your roof entirely replaced it will surely last longer than an overlay project. It can be noted that an overlay may just add extra pressure and heat to your roofing system. This would result in letting them deteriorate faster. When you consider having a roof tear-off since you’re basically starting fresh and sturdy.

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