Why Is Roofing Underlayment Important?

Yourroofingsystem is made up of many different components that are designed to work together to protect your home from the elements. Your roof involves a lot more than the shingles, chimney and gutters you see from the curb. In fact, one of the most important components of the roof is hidden from sight: the underlayment. This crucial component plays a vital role in the structural integrity of your roofing system.


The Roofing Underlayment


The underlayment is installed directly onto the roof deck, under all the other roofing materials. It is a waterproof or water-resistant material that acts as an added layer of protection from the elements, particularly damage from rainwater. There are three types of roofing underlayment: asphalt saturated, non-bitumen synthetic and rubberized asphalt.




Asphalt-saturated felt used to be the go-to choice for roofing underlayment until around 15 years ago when consumers developed a preference for synthetic materials. It remains a reliable material that is resistant to water and flexible when exposed to extreme temperatures. Asphalt-saturated felt is generally the least expensive type of underlayment and performs very well when installed properly by an experienced roofing company.


Non-Bitumen Synthetic


Non-bitumen synthetic is the most commonly used type of underlayment today. It offers better water resistance than asphalt-saturated felt and is designed for full applications, making it a cost-effective choice for many homeowners.


Rubberized Asphalt


Rubberized asphalt is a premium type of underlayment that combines the advantages of asphalt-saturated felt and non-bitumen synthetic. Unlike the two, rubberized asphalt is completely waterproof due to its large content of asphalt and rubber polymer.


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