Why Do Soffits and Fascia Need to be Vented

It is likely that most homeowners don’t think much about their soffit and fascias when it comes to the home’s roofing system.  However, while both the soffits and fascia are attached to the most important feature in your household, they play important roles in protecting your home. They also often serve as essential ventilation tools for your attic. In this article, roofing company Winfield Builders discusses why soffits and fascia need venting.

Why Do Soffits and Fascia Need to be Vented

Why Do Soffits and Fascia Need Venting?

A soffit that is well-ventilated is guaranteed to keep the air flowing under the roof. When soffits do not have proper ventilation, moisture will eventually build up in the attic and roof. This results in a broad range of roofing problems, including mold appearance and wood rot. Good airflow is essential under all parts of the roof in order to ward off the condensation that can cause bigger and more expensive issues over time. Fascia boards, meanwhile, come with attached vented soffits that protect the area from rafters and pests.

Both materials are made of aluminum, wood, or vinyl. While many households with vinyl siding utilize vinyl soffits, many experts suggest aluminum soffits and fascia boards improve water runoff and provide the best ventilation for your roof and your home.

Things to Keep In Mind

Should you discover mold or mildew on your soffit, you can immediately clean it with a soft, gentle brush and a cleaning solution made with bleach and water. However, if you want to have it thoroughly inspected and tidied up, call a professional to take care of it for you.

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