When Is Roof Replacement More Practical Than Repairs?

Most kinds of roofing problems can be fixed with repairs. However, at some point replacement will overtake repairs as the more practical solution. In today’s post, the local roofers at Winfield Builders discuss the signs that your roof should be replaced rather than repaired.

 Roof Replacement

Your Roof Has Major Structural Issues

Structural issues can be caused by either installation errors or damage to the roofing structure. In some cases, installation errors that are caught early on can be retroactively corrected, as supporting components can be installed after the fact.

In cases where the structural issue has resulted in a crooked roof line, the repair work would be so extensive that rebuilding the roof would be a more practical long-term solution. Gutters and other exterior components may also be due for replacement.

There Are Holes In the Roof

Take the time to inspect the roof from the inside. Climb into the attic and see if there are pinhole lights coming through the roof. The roof is built with several layers of material, so holes in the roof indicate impending failure and put your home at risk of leaks.

Your Roof Is Too Old

All roofing systems are expected to last for a certain amount of time with proper care and maintenance. Standard asphalt shingle roofs have expected life spans of 20 to 30 years, while metal roofs typically last about 50 years. As the roof ages, it will gradually show signs of wear. On asphalt shingle roofs, one such sign is “balding” shingles, which happens when the outer granule layer is eroded through the years, exposing the asphalt layer. It is possible to get a few more years out of a well-maintained roof, but you should still plan for a roof replacement if your roof is approaching the end of its expected service life.

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