What Should Be In a Roofing Estimate?

The roof is one of your home’s main defenses against extreme weather events. Projects involving the roof can require a significant investment so it’s important to hire a reputable contractor.

What Should Be In a Roofing Estimate?

In this post, your local exterior contractor, Winfield Builders, discusses what you should expect to see in a roofing estimate.

Material & Labor Costs

Contractors don’t typically charge the same as the market price. Don’t hire a contractor with more than 30 percent markup in the materials. The market price can vary from one location to another. Check local prices with a supplier. But first, know your preferred type of shingles and how much of it is needed for your roof. Roofs are usually measured in squares and one square is equivalent to 100 square feet in roof surface.

The labor costs should outline the cost to the jobs required by your roof. It’s usually subdivided into the cost of removing shingles and installing new ones, and the cost of tearing old decking and replacing it with new materials. It’s recommended to hire a roofing company who can explain the labor costs accurately and answer any concerns you may have promptly.

Other Charges

Don’t be surprised to see other charges in the estimate. Contractors may charge for the cost of cleaning up debris, the cost of renting a dumpster to keep the debris as the installers do the job, or the amount to ship the materials from the supplier. Never hesitate to ask your contractor if you have concerns regarding additional charges on your estimate. The more detailed a contractor is, the more likely they are giving you a reasonable quote.

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