What Causes “Attic Rain”?

You’ve probably heard stories about how some roofs leak even when the weather is clear. Maybe it has happened to you. In today’s post, local roofing company Winfield Builders takes a look at what causes such “attic rain” and what can be done to fix it.

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What Causes “Attic Rain”?

“Attic rain” is caused by condensation formed by trapped moisture in the attic. There are two things that you need to look at if this type of “leak” is persistent. First is relative indoor humidity. Warm and moist air from the indoors tends to rise and eventually make its way to the attic. Maintaining relative indoor humidity to about 50%, which can be done by running an air conditioner and a whole-home dehumidifier, can help keep moisture levels in the attic to a minimum. Running an exhaust fan when cooking or when using the bathroom can also help.

The second thing is attic ventilation. A sloped residential roofing system has exhaust vents at the ridge, which utilizes the natural upward motion of warm and moist air to vent it passively. Intake vents at the soffits supply cool and fresh air. Without a proper ventilation system, heat and moisture would be trapped in the attic, which can result in condensation that leads to “attic rain”.

How to Fix Attic Condensation

The household practices we have described above can help stop moisture from making its way to the attic. However, you will still have to make sure that your attic is getting proper ventilation, as it could lead to other problems. Trapped heat in the attic is one of the contributing factors that result in ice dams, and may cause warping on your roof’s structural components. The presence of moisture in the attic can also damage most types of insulation, which can affect your home’s overall energy efficiency that can result in high energy bills.

Fortunately, insufficient ridge ventilation can be addressed by a roofing professional by installing replacement vents. If you have a large attic space, your roofer may recommend installing ventilation fans. Solar-power options are available, which can help reduce your roof’s impact on your energy bills.

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