Tips for a Youthful-looking Home

Your home may sustain damage from the elements through the years, decreasing its value. Many homeowners in Maryland try a series of home improvement projects to counter this problem. Whether it’s buying lovelier furniture for the patio or investing in bolder exterior colors, these tasks will be worth it.

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As your trusted contractor for siding in Columbia, MD, Winfield Builders understands your need to maintain your home’s good looks and performance. We offer this one solution to keeping your home looking younger than it actually is: proper maintenance.

What to Do

When it comes to maintaining your home’s youthful façade, moisture will be your worst enemy. Make sure that your home resists water damage with these tips.

  • Test your water-related appliances, like refrigerators, washer, heater, and HVAC system. Make sure that these are functioning smoothly, with no signs of leaks.
  • Your siding can be susceptible to moisture, as well. Do a periodic cleanup of your siding; check for any gaps or cracks. Reduce the risk of dry rot and mold forming inside your walls by sealing them.
  • Water can enter cracked caulks on your window frames, which can cause mold damage and rot. Always make sure that the caulking around the frames is intact.
  • Check the condition of your gutters in Annapolis, MD, as well. Confirm that it’s maintaining its significant role in channeling water away from your home’s foundation and exterior walls.
  • After heavy rains or storms, do a thorough visual inspection of your roof system’s state. Any minor leak or damage inside your home should also call for a speedy repair. This prevents it from worsening, which can leave your home vulnerable to mold and mildew growth.

Choose Winfield Builders

We are your premier remodeling contractor in Montgomery County and neighboring cities. Offering a number of quality exterior solutions, we will make sure that your home maintains its good looks year after year.

We use only the highest quality products for our siding, windows and roofing for lasting beauty and value. Our expert team is licensed, insured, and certified, delivering quality installation services and peace of mind to your home improvement project.

Make sure your home won’t look older that it really is by getting in touch with Winfield Builders. Call us today at (301) 329-8295 for a free estimate.

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