Things You Can Expect in a Gutter Replacement Quote

Getting a quote is imperative to ensure the success of your gutter replacement project. But what does it entail exactly? In this blog, trusted roofing and siding contractor Winfield Builders discusses things you should expect from a professional gutter replacement quote.

Things You Can Expect in a Gutter Replacement Quote

Type of Gutters

A gutter replacement quote should indicate the type of gutters for installation. In terms of material choices, gutters are available in stainless steel, aluminum, copper or galvanized steel. For profiles, there are two types—K-style is known for its crown molding-like appearance, while half-round gutters are like half of a cylinder. The quote should also mention whether the gutters will be the segmented or seamless kind.

Material and Labor Costs

Much like a roofing estimate, a gutter quote has a complete list of materials, as well as labor and other accompanying costs. Apart from the materials mentioned above, it should also indicate how long the gutter troughs are required for the installation and the cost per foot. Additional components like fasteners, hangers and joints are also included in this part of the quote. In addition to the installation costs, check if the quote also includes tear-off and disposal of the old gutter material.

Project Timeline

The contractor you’ll be working with should also include in the quote the estimated time of completion for the gutter installation. Make sure they are committed to it and have a procedure in place in case there is an unforeseen problem. Never entertain a quote from an installer that only seeks to finish the installation when they feel like it.

In addition to being the leading roofing company in the area, Winfield Builders also specializes in other exterior home improvement projects. Expect us to provide you with numerous options in terms of gutter material and profile. We can even equip your new gutters with gutter covers to keep them from getting clogged.

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