Things to Know About HOA Approvals for Roof Replacement

If you are replacing your roof, make sure to check if you need to obtain permits or approvals from your homeowner’s association (HOA). Failing to let your HOA know about your roof replacement can result in fines. Securing all necessary documents before your project starts can also help avoid delays.

Roof Replacement

Read on to learn more about HOA approvals for roof replacement.

What Are Common HOA Roof Requirements?

Most HOAs have requirements regarding the appearance of roofs in the community. Usually, all roofs must feature similar materials, styles and colors. That’s why you might be asked to submit plans before your roof replacement starts.

Your HOA may also have additional rules and regulations for your new roof. For instance, your HOA might require you to use a hail-resistant material for your roof. It’s always a good idea to speak with the board when planning your project. Working with roofers who are experienced in HOA communities will also help.

Why Do You Need to Seek HOA Approval?

HOAs are responsible for ensuring all houses in the neighborhood look appealing and uniform. They establish rules regarding the appearance of homes to achieve a harmonious-looking community. When replacing your roof, be sure to read your HOA’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) or consult the board first.

By seeking HOA approval, you can avoid costly fines and legal action. Depending on your HOA, you might be asked to pay fines for violations. Getting your approval early in your project or before the actual construction starts can help you avoid lengthy delays later.

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