The Importance of Keeping Gutters in Good Condition

Having the most reliable gutter system installed on your roofing system will only get you so far—you also need to invest in regular maintenance. Make it a point to keep your gutters in proper working order to avoid having to call roofers to repair avoidable roofing issues.

The Importance of Keeping Gutters in Good Condition

Here’s a look at the different reasons why regular gutter maintenance is an essential part of home care.

Optimum Performance

Gutters play the all-important role of channeling water away from your home. Without them, your home would be prone to all manner of problems from water damage to structural issues. By keeping your gutters in proper working order, you ensure that they will divert excess water where it’s supposed to go.

Clog Reduction

Debris has a way of quickly accumulating in your gutters, as the system is exposed. Should you fail to clear debris from your gutters, clogs will develop and water will pool in your gutters, causing them to pull away from your roofline due to excess weight. In addition, the water can flow backward and drip down your roof and siding. It can then seep into your home and cause warping issues.

Avoid Pest Infestation

Insects, rats and all sorts of creepy critters can settle in your gutters and make a nest in them if you don’t stay on top of gutter maintenance. Damp leaves can be alluring to critters and you may find them breeding in your gutters if you neglect maintenance.

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