The Hidden Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems

Homeowners choose metal roofs for their energy efficiency, long life span and their sleek, modern look. In today’s post, the local roofers at Winfield Builders discuss some additional “hidden” benefits metal roofers offer.

Lasting Style and Durability

Metal roofing systems have come a long way from the tin roofs that you probably associate with barns and sheds. Leaps and strides in roof engineering has made metal the most versatile roofing material available today. Whatever advantage traditional roofs can offer, you can bet metal roofing can do it, even better in some aspects. Metal roofing can be manufactured to mimic other roofing materials, including shingles, tile, and slate. It also works with virtually any paint and coating.

All of these options give you the flexibility to choose whatever style and texture your home style calls for. Additionally, certain options like aluminum and copper let you have that bare metal look that can either retain its “like new” look using coatings, or let it age for a more rustic look. Matching gutters can also be installed to enhance the overall look.

Metal roofs are known for their relatively longer lifespans—almost twice that of asphalt shingle roofs. The hidden benefit here is that, with proper care and maintenance, a metal roof will look pretty much the same for most of its lifespan.

Savings Every Year

It’s no secret that metal roofs have higher upfront costs than asphalt shingle roofs. But considering that metal roofs are more durable and require far less maintenance, this means fewer maintenance appointments and lower repair costs. Take into account metal roofing’s longer lifespan and you’ll likely end up with savings over the course of your metal roof’s service life.

Metal roofs can also help you save on your utility bills. Metal’s lower thermal mass lets it cool down faster at night. Combined with a properly-insulated attic, a metal roof can help reduce your indoor cooling costs during hot nights. A bare metal roof, or one with reflective coatings, reflects sunlight, which helps reduce heat absorbed through the roof during the day. This helps reduce further heat absorption, consequently resulting in energy savings.

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