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A common thing homeowners overlook is the impact of damages from wind and hail on their home following a heavy storm. This is because damage isn’t always obvious and, furthermore, there are no immediate leaks! What most homeowners don’t realize is that when significant hail and/or wind impact a roof, siding, gutters, etc., it reduces that component’s ability to shed water for the long term, thus reducing its service life. Even though leaks may not be present, insurance companies often provide coverage for these “Functional Damages.”


Winfield Builders has a team of trained and certified professionals who possess the resources to assess damage with confidence. If you’re curious about damages on your roof following a wind/hailstorm, give us call and we’ll assess your home’s exterior. If you choose file a claim, we will work with your insurance company to ensure you’re given maximum coverage for your claim.

Storm Damage FAQ

Q: Will my insurance company pay for a new roof?

A: Your insurance company will pay for damage that is the result of an act of nature or accident, such as a hailstorm, hurricane, tornado, falling branches or debris, or another incident.

Q: Who should I call first if I think my roof is damaged, Winfield Builders or my insurance company?

A: First call Winfield Builders to inspect your roof and document damage, including a written description and digital photographs. We can help you determine if there is enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. If so, we can speed the process and get your roof restored quickly.

Q: Can you represent me during the insurance inspection?

A: Yes, our inspector can be on hand when your insurance adjustor arrives to inspect the damage, and make sure all areas of concern are included on the final report. This ensures you get all the compensation you need for quality roof repair.

Q: How much money will I get from my insurance company?

A: The final determination of the value of the claim will be made by your insurance company, based on the report from the insurance adjuster. Depending on the age of your roof, the amount paid may be less than the full cost of repair or replacement (due to depreciation). This figure can sometimes be negotiated.

Q: I got several estimates to repair my roof but they vary widely. Why?

A: Before making a decision, make sure all the estimates are offering the same quality of materials and workmanship. One contractor might propose using 25-year shingles, while another may offer installation of a 50-year shingle for only slightly more. Make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Q: What does Haag Certification mean?

It’s common sense: building materials don’t last forever. Throughout a product’s life cycle, its ability to keep you dry and insulated can be affected in a variety of ways. The natural process of weathering and aging can be accelerated by a number of factors:

  • Problems during manufacturing.
  • Design issues or errors during installation.
  • The damaging effects of hail and wind or other non-natural (mechanical) forces.

While these issues are very different in origin, on the surface, they can look quite similar. Determining the true cause of an issue with confidence requires advanced knowledge and thorough investigation techniques. Winfield Builders offers Haag Certified inspectors with these skills.

This is why Haag Certification is so valuable. Haag Certified Inspectors are not beginners in the field. They are industry pros who have fine-tuned their inspection skills to find damage where it exists.

  • Not only must students meet prerequisites to attend, but they receive three days of direct and intensive training from seasoned Haag Engineers. (Haag’s course developers and teachers draw on Haag’s long history as a leader in the field of forensic engineering. Course instructors have over 300 years of combined field experience and have authored numerous industry-leading reports and researched studies on damage assessment.)
  • To earn their designation as Haag Certified Inspectors, students must prove an in-depth understanding of advanced damage assessment techniques and philosophies by passing a comprehensive final exam.
  • Students maintain active status as Certified Inspectors by requalifying through testing on an annual basis.

Simply put: Haag Certified Inspectors are tested professionals who possess the resources to assess damage with confidence. Get peace of mind when you use Winfield Builders for your storm damage inspection and repairs.

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