Shortcuts Your Roofing Contractor Shouldn’t Take

One of the most important parts of roof repairs or replacement is looking for the right contractor. With the right roofing company, you can be sure that your project is in good hands.

Shortcuts Your Roofing Contractor Shouldn’t Take

What you’re trying to avoid is a roofing contractor that would take shortcuts. This can compromise your project, leading to problems shortly down the road. Here are the shortcuts reputable contractors are not likely to take:

Wrong Shingle Attachment Methods

Manufacturers are very particular about where nails should be used and how many nails per shingle. If you hire an inexperienced contractor, a dishonest carpenter, or do this yourself, it can lead to shortcuts, deliberate or otherwise, that might compromise the effectiveness of the shingles. Your shingles might come loose and get blown off easily by high winds. The look of your roof might also be affected.

Development of Leaks

A new roofing system is not supposed to leak — at least not in the first few years, particularly if it hasn’t been hit by a strong storm. If your contractor takes shortcuts in installing your new roofing system, you can expect it to leak in no time. There are components other than the shingles that should be on your roof, such as the underlayment, which offers water resistance or complete waterproofing. Your contractor is not supposed to take shortcuts and omit its installation. They should not also cut corners by using low-quality underlayment. On the most vulnerable areas of your roof, your contractor should install flashing. These and other parts of your roof should be intact if you want it to remain leak-free for a long time.

Inclusion of Low-Quality Materials

Check the roofer’s quote and determine whether the roofing parts are all of good quality. Then, make sure they’re actually installing those materials instead of using some knock-off or poor-quality parts in combination with the high-quality materials. This shortcut will make some parts of your roof more vulnerable than others.

Not Pulling the Right Permits

Your contractor shouldn’t start working on your roof if they haven’t pulled the permits for the job. Violating codes and not following the regulations in your area can lead to fines or even a tear-off of the new roofing system you just installed.

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