Roof Storm Damage: Why Hire a Haag Inspector?

The Haag certification is sought-after by roofers in Maryland for a reason. It’s the gold standard in the industry, proof that a roofer has undergone rigorous training and met or exceeded the highest standards of excellence.

In today’s post, Winfield Builders talks about the benefits of hiring a Haag-certified roofing company when dealing with a storm-ravaged roof.

Identifying Real Storm Damage

Not all roof damage is inflicted by a storm, and not all professionals can tell the difference. A Haag inspector has the necessary skills to determine which issue is caused by what.

To be Haag-certified, a contractor has to attend a three-day intensive training provided by veteran Haag engineers. These specialists have more than 300 years of collective experience in the field, making them the most qualified individuals to develop roof inspection courses.

Passing the rigorous Haag training requires having a deep knowledge of how roofing systems interact with the elements. A certified inspector can identify which roof problems are caused by storm-related issues, workmanship errors or manufacturing defects.

Strengthening Your Insurance Claim

The Haag certification is worth its weight in gold. Insurance adjusters respect it, simplifying the insurance claim process. The reports created by a Haag inspector come with unquestionable credibility. If you want to succeed in your roofing or siding claim the first time, hiring a certified roofer is the way to go.

Receiving Adequate Insurance Compensation

A Haag inspector will provide expert advice on insurance claims. This professional can tell you whether the storm damage merits an insurance claim. If you decide to file, your Haag inspector will make every effort to speed up the process and to get your house fixed ASAP.

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