Roof, Gutters, and Windows: When to Replace Them?

Water damage is a problem that most homeowners fear. Whether you have a leaky roof or a clogged gutter, this can leave you with thousands of dollars’s worth of repairs. This also creates a breeding ground for mold, which can pose health risks.

Roof Gutters Windows

It’s important to be proactive with your home’s key components, such as your roof and gutters, to prevent this from occurring. This includes knowing the best time to replace them. Winfield Builders, your trusted home improvement contractor, discusses this further:


The general rule of thumb is that if 25% or more of your roof is damaged, then replacement would be a more cost-effective solution. Apart from age, the common signs you need to look for are damaged or missing shingles, excessive granules on the gutters and sunlight from the attic. You can count on us to assess your roof’s health and recommend the best solution.


Do your windows fog up? Do they stick upon opening or closing? If you notice that your window’s sash or frame is already broken or warped, then it’s time to replace it. These problems not only allow water to enter your living space, but they also add burden to your air-conditioning units. When choosing the right replacement windows for your home, verify if they carry the ENERGY STAR® seal for optimal energy efficiency. You should also opt for low-maintenance materials like vinyl, fiberglass and composite to ensure reliable protection.


Gutters play an important role in keeping your home dry and damage-free. They safeguard your roof and foundation by directing water properly into your drainage system. If you don’t replace them promptly, your house may suffer ill effects like landscaping erosion and interior flooding.

An easy way to know if your gutters are already due for replacement is if they have begun to pull away from your home. Apart from cracks and peeling paint, you should also check for water spots underneath the system. This issue indicates that your gutters are leaking, which can damage your soffit and fascia.

Acting quickly and proactively are keys to preventing water damage. As one of the leading roofers in the area, Winfield Builders offers first-rate services to keep your home safe and dry throughout the seasons. Call us today at (301) 329-8295 for more information about our offerings. We serve Silver Spring, Rockville, Annapolis and various areas in MD.

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