Roof Flashing Failures: Causes and Reasons Not to Ignore It

Flashing is the material installed in parts of your roof that are susceptible to leaks, such as chimneys, vents and skylights. This component is typically made from metals that are highly resistant to corrosion or rust. When your roof flashing deteriorates, you can experience leaks inside your home.

roof flashing failure

Keep on reading to find out what causes roof flashing failure and why this problem should be addressed by professional roofers immediately.

What Causes Roof Flashing to Fail?

Extreme Temperature Changes

Dramatic temperature changes can cause your roof to expand and contract. As a result, the flashing may pull away from the roof, making it ineffective. This problem usually occurs around vertical dormers, parapet walls, story walls, and other vertical roofing surfaces.

Poor Installation

The most common cause of roof flashing failure is improper installation. Installing components, such as gutters, flashing, and roofing is best done by professionals. Make sure to hire an experienced contractor for your project to avoid this issue.

Unavailable Roofing Plans

The flashing can also fail if the original specifications of the roof were not available during a replacement or repair. A reliable roofer should be able to provide you plans to help avoid flashing issues.

Why Should You Address Roof Flashing Problems ASAP?

By addressing flashing problems as soon as possible, you can protect your home from leaks that can damage your belongings as well. When your roof starts to leak, and the problem goes unnoticed for a long time, the drywall can become saturated. Over time, the drywall will weaken, and the water will cause it to collapse. It means that you won’t only need to deal with the roof leak but also pay more for additional home repairs.

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