Roof Emergency Action Plan: What Should You Do?

The roof is your first line defense against the weather, from intense hailstorms to heavy rainfall. Even though these may be unexpected, every homeowner should prepare a roof emergency action plan. Otherwise, extensive storm damage can lead to critical issues and compromise your roof’s structural integrity.

Roof Emergency Action Plan

To help you make an emergency action plan for your roofing system, here are some tips to keep your home well-protected before and after a storm.

Before the Storm Damage

  • Schedule roof inspections. The best way to prevent damage even before a storm occurs is to keep up with regular roof maintenance. A well-maintained roofing system is likely to withstand severe weather and keep you and your family safe. As such, be sure to schedule annual roof inspections.

  • Build relationships. When it comes to roof storm damage, it would be best to seek the help of your local roofing company. If you’ve already contacted the company for roof maintenance or inspections, be sure to save its number in case you need assistance in the future. In addition to that, you also need to build a working relationship with your insurance company in the event you need to file a claim for a roofing issue.

After the Storm Damage

  • Assess the damage. Once it’s safe to go out of your house, you need to walk around your property and assess the damage. The storm may be over, but it’s best to keep a safe distance from any downed power lines or electrical wires. Examine your roof for any signs of missing shingles or soft spots. Some damage may be visible while others may require a closer inspection. Instead of climbing to your roof, consider using a pair of binoculars to inspect your roofing system from the ground.

  • Contact your roofer and insurer immediately. If you find signs of storm damage, call your local roofing company for a professional inspection. Doing so will help you determine the actual level of damage and how long it will take to fix it. Furthermore, you should also report the incident to your insurance company and file a claim.

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