Roof Adaptation: Why It’s Worth Considering

Roof adaptation may not be as discussed as often as other green building topics like resiliency or sustainability, but it is nevertheless something that’s worth considering when you’re planning a roof replacement. In today’s post, local roofing company Winfield Builders shares a look at roof adaptation.

What Is Roof Adaptation?

Adaptation refers to how an entire building, or parts of it, can be built so it adapts to changes in the immediate environment. One example, in roofing terms, is “cool roofs,” or roofing systems that have reflective properties. They are designed to reduce solar heat absorbed through the roof, which can help lower indoor cooling requirements. Cool roofs are considered adaptive because they adapt to any level of solar radiation.

Roofing adaptations can be carried out in three different levels:

  • Small Scale Adaptation — This includes minor upgrades or extensions that do not change the existing roof. Application of light-colored paints or reflective coatings belong in this category, as they do not change the roofing structure.
  • Medium Scale Adaptation — This includes substantial changes to the roofing system, such as replacing the existing outer roofing material with another. For example, replacing an old asphalt shingle roof with a metal one can be considered as medium scale: the outer layer of roofing material is changed, but the structure remains the same.
  • Large Scale Adaptation — Drastically changing the roof in favor of adaptability is considered a large scale adaptation. This includes changing the roof slope to adapt to increased snow or heavy rainfall. Changing from a sloped to a flat roof, or vice versa, can also be considered as such.

Why Should You Consider Adaptation?

Adaptation can help minimize potential damage to a roofing system in areas that experience extreme climatic shifts when seasons change. Standard residential roofs can be made to be adaptive to extreme winds by choosing roofing products that reinforce the roof edge, or by choosing a new roofing system with higher wind ratings. Ultimately, the goal is to build a roof that doesn’t just withstand the local climate, but adapts to it.

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