Questions to Ask Your Gutter Installer

Professional roofers and gutter installers take their work very seriously to ensure a homeowner would never have any reason to worry or complain about their workmanship. However, you should still ask them a few questions so you know what you’re getting into.

professional gutter installation

Here are some of the questions you should ask the contractor installing your gutters.

“Will You Install Seamless or Sectional Gutters?”

Seamless gutters are continuous, extending from corner to corner. They are measured and cut on-site using a piece of special equipment. Sectional gutters are the store-bought kind that DIY and less-experienced installers prefer, as they are pieces of gutter you put together so they have more joints and sections.

Seamless gutters may cost a bit more than sectional gutters, but they last longer, function better, and need less maintenance. They have much fewer sections or seams, which means there are fewer areas where debris can get trapped or where leaks can form over time. Seamless gutters are also more beautiful.

“Should I Choose Galvanized or Aluminum?”

Galvanized gutters were the popular choice until the 80s. They are easier to install, malleable, and lightweight. But they also decay and corrode more easily.

These days, the standard is aluminum, which is stronger and more durable than galvanized metal. Aluminum doesn’t rust. Your contractor will bring a gutter machine for rolling (forming) your new gutters on-site.

You also have other choices. The most expensive gutter material is copper, but it is also the most beautiful. It is practically maintenance-free and it lasts a very long time.

“What Is Your Timeline?”

It’s important to know how long your gutter installation will take so you can prepare your household for it. Gutter installation jobs typically take only two days: the first day for removing your old gutters and prepping the area of installation for the new gutter system, and the second day for installing the new gutter installation.

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