Myths and Misconceptions About Metal Roofs

Metal roofing offers many benefits, but some homeowners still have misconceptions about it. For many years, people thought of steel and aluminum roofs as systems fit only for industrial buildings. This created the undeserved belief that metal is a poor aesthetic choice for residences.

Myths and Misconceptions About Metal Roofs

Yet, nothing could be further from the truth today! Let’s debunk these misconceptions that may be keeping you from installing a metal roof.

Myth: High Noise Level

40% of survey respondents said that metal is too noisy. Fact: It’s surprising for many homeowners, but asphalt shingles are noisier than metal. An aluminum or steel roof has solid sheathing attached to the underlayment. This silences noise from the elements. You won’t have to endure the racket the strong rain makes while you’re at home.

Myth: Limited Style Options

48% of homeowners worry that a metal roof would not match their home’s style. Many people cannot picture metal roofing on a traditional Colonial or a Victorian house. Fact: Aluminum and steel roofing are available in a wide range of profiles. Check with your roofing company nearby. Many are suitable for modern/contemporary, colonial, Victorian, ranch, Cape and historic homes.

High Cost

Twenty-five percent of people believe that steel roofs are too expensive. Fact: Many homeowners don’t think about the true lifetime cost of a roof vs. the initial cost you pay up front.

The cost of metal roofing may be double the price of asphalt shingles. If you look at life-cycle costs of a roofing system, however, metal is the more affordable option. Once installed, a quality aluminum, steel or copper roof will last for 50 years or more, while asphalt shingle roofing has a life expectancy of 20-30 years at most.

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