Is Your Roof Susceptible to Wind Damage?

Different weather conditions can damage your roofing system in different ways. High winds, for instance, can loosen, crack or blow off the roofing materials, increasing the likelihood of water infiltration. But just how vulnerable your roofing system is to wind damage will depend on a few essential factors. Winfield Builders, the trusted roofing company in the area, discusses some of them here.

 Roofing Susceptible to Wind Damage

1. Wind Speed. The higher the wind speed, the higher the uplift pressure. This can cause your shingles to break their bond with the roof structure, loosening them and making them more susceptible to blow-offs.

2. Air Density. This is affected by temperature, with colder air being denser than warm air. If both cold and warm air are blowing at the same speed, the colder, denser air will place greater wind load on your roof, causing more damage.

3. Maintenance. Wind causes more damage to roofs that haven’t been properly maintained. That’s why it’s always a good idea to schedule regular roofing inspections and maintenance with a reliable company like Winfield Builders. This gives your system a higher chance of withstanding any damage from windstorms.

4. Age. The extent of the wind damage sustained by the roof is usually influenced by age. A roof that is already nearing the end of its life will be more vulnerable to wind damage that may require roof replacement.

5. Roofing Material. The type of material used by your roof can also affect its vulnerability to wind damage. Tile roofing, for instance, can be cracked and dented by wind-blown debris, such as tree branches, gravel or yard equipment. Asphalt shingles can be loosened or blown away, while metal can be lifted up or peeled off.

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