Important Things to Ask During a Roof Inspection

Looking for ways to extend your roof’s lifespan? You need to have it  inspected regularly by a professional contractor to check its condition and determine other requirements that it might need. With the winter season in full swing, you want to make sure your roofing system can stand up to intense weather conditions and keep its occupants safe.

Roof Inspection

Winfield Builders, your trusted local roofer, shares the things you must ask your contractor during an inspection.

Is There Any Damage To My Roof?

Not all roofing problems require a complete replacement. Some may just need repairs. Be sure to ask your contractor if your roof is damaged and if it is, how severe it is. Your roofing company will examine your system’s condition and determine the extent of its damage if there are any. Additionally, not all roofing problems can be seen by the naked eye, so it helps to have a trained worker by your side to spot even the smallest issues like cracks, rots, and other underlying issues.

How Soon Before I Need a New Roof?

Your roofer may not be able to provide a specific date, but they can estimate your roof’s remaining years before it’s due for a replacement. Scheduling regular maintenance and repairs can help extend its service life. It will eventually reach a point though, where a complete replacement would be more practical than repairs.

Is My Roof Properly Ventilated?

Without sufficient ventilation, your roof can overheat under high temperatures. This can result in your shingles becoming brittle and cracked, reducing their effectiveness when it comes to defending your home from heavy rain or strong winds. Reputable roofing and siding contractors like Winfield Builders will make sure to check your roof’s ventilation upon inspection.

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