Gutter Styles: Sectional vs. Seamless

When replacing your gutters, you can opt to install either a sectional or seamless system. Sectional gutters are made of individual components that are joined together via seams, while seamless gutters are made of one long component that’s created on-site to fit the dimensions of your roofline.

Most contractors believe seamless gutters are better than sectional ones, and it’s quite easy to understand why. Here are the benefits of choosing seamless gutters:

They Fit Perfectly

A seamless gutter is fashioned to fit perfectly on your roof. The contractor will use a gutter machine to customize your seamless gutters on-site. Seasoned installers have this process right down to a science.

They Are Low Maintenance

Seamless gutters are less vulnerable to clogs compared to sectional gutters because they don’t have joints where debris tend to collect. This means pests are less likely to nest in seamless gutters as well. Because of this, you won’t have to clean them as often.

They Don’t Clog

The seams of sectional gutters are the weak points. These nooks and crannies are where debris gets stuck, leading to clogs over time. With seamless gutters, clogs are unlikely to form because of the lack of joints.

They Look Better

Seamless gutters offer a clean, uniform aesthetic. They’ll give your home a sleek and tidy look, boosting your curb appeal.

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