GAF’s Roof Deck Protection Products

One of the most important elements of GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System is Roof Deck Protection. This underlayment acts as the last line of defense against moisture, especially when the asphalt shingles are battered by wind-driven rain.

As one of the few GAF-certified local roofers, Winfield Builders sheds light on your Roof Deck Protection options.


This selection of synthetic underlayment varieties consists of three products: Tiger Paw™, Deck-Armor™ and FeltBuster®. Tiger Paw protects decking boards from damaging moisture nearly 200% better than the most popular synthetic non-breathable underlayment. Unlike conventional felts, it does not become brittle or rot. When paired with Lifetime Shingles, it is eligible for a lifetime limited warranty. It can also help protect your gutters.

Thanks to its breathability, Deck-Armor expels the moisture from below to protect the attic from structural damage due to condensation and mold growth. It aids in shingle installation, helping to prevent buckling and wrinkling.

Like Tiger Paw, FeltBuster does not become brittle due to its moisture resistance and is eligible for a lifetime warranty when installed alongside Lifetime Shingles. Like Deck-Armor, it inhibits shingle wrinkling to ensure a more uniform look.


This fiberglass-reinforced product eliminates the need to cut bubbled felt, which may be necessary with conventional organic felt.


If you love everything about the Shingle-Mate but want extra protection against fire spread and penetration, this product is for you. VersaShield elevates the UL fire classification of practically any roof.


This product is synonymous with durability. It possesses exceptional tear resistance, allowing it to protect the underlying sheathing from all sources of moisture.

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