Debunking Common Myths About Roof Maintenance

Many of the roof-related problems that homeowners encounter today are due to falling for age-old myths about roof maintenance. Today, premier roofing company Winfield Builders debunks these misconceptions and shares the truth behind them.

Roof Maintenance

MYTH: You can easily repair a roof on your own. This is simply false. Unless you are a trained roofer, you need the assistance of a certified roofing team to properly repair your storm- or wind-damaged roof. A qualified roofer has the knowledge and technical skills to perform the repair smoothly and thoroughly. He or she also has access to the correct tools and equipment required to safely carry out the task, whether it is about replacing loose flashing or patching up missing shingles.

MYTH: Your roof warranty covers everything. While some manufacturer’s warranties are comprehensive, they still do not cover 100% of the work involved in the roofing process. For example, most manufacturer’s warranties strictly cover the cost of defective materials over a certain time period, but do not provide coverage for any labor fees to remove and dispose of faulty shingles. These technicalities are easy to overlook, so make sure to meticulously review the terms and conditions of your roof warranty.

MYTH: Maintenance is only needed when you have identified a problem. Most people assume that a brand-new roof does not require regular maintenance. However, even the most premium products that are brand new need regular maintenance, especially if you live in a severe climate, to minimize the risk of long-term damage. Depending on the type of your roof, you may need to schedule annual or biannual maintenance.

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