Common Causes Behind a Voided Roofing Warranty

Roofing products typically come with warranties. Some warranties only cover manufacturing defects, while others also include workmanship. When investing in a new roof, you need to make sure you have access to a strong warranty. But you also need to make sure you don’t inadvertently void that warranty years later.



What Causes a Voided Roofing Warranty?


One of the things that can void your warranty is having an inexperienced or uncertified roofing company do work on your roof. Whether your roof needs a major repair or simple maintenance, always make sure you hire a certified, reputable roofer to do the job–otherwise you could void your warranty.

Using Non-System Components


Installing roofing underlayment from one manufacturer under a layer of shingles made from a different one will void the warranty and compromise your roof’s integrity. Roofs are complex systems and manufacturers will not honor your warranty if you mix parts from one system with another.

Improper Installation and Ventilation


One of the leading causes of voided warranties are homeowners who attempt to DIY their own roof replacement or repair project. Even if you think you’re capable, one tiny mistake could lead to serious consequences down the road. Spare yourself these worries by turning to an experienced, certified contractor.

Installing New Shingles Over the Old


As a reputable roofing and siding contractor, we will never recommend installing new shingles over the old, because this can void your warranty. It can also lead to even more costly repairs later on. The added weight from two layers of shingles can compromise the roofing structure.


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