CertainTeed® Integrity Roofing System®: An Overview

If you’re planning to replace your roof soon, choosing a complete roofing system – as opposed to selecting individual components from different manufacturers – offers so many advantages. Once such roof is the Integrity Roofing System®, offered by leading roofing manufacturer CertainTeed®. As a roofing company with a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™ designation, Winfield Builders provides an overview of what makes this roofing system exceptional in today’s post.

Roofing System An Overview

Waterproofing Barrier

The underlayment is the waterproofing element that protects the roof deck from water intrusion. It’s your roof’s second line of defense in case the outer layer fails. Most roofing systems feature only one kind of underlayment, but the Integrity Roofing System features two. WinterGuard® protects the roof from ice and water and is installed to support the flashing on valleys, protrusions and edges. The main roof deck is then protected with tear-resistant underlayment products Roofers’ Select® or Diamond Deck®.

CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles

The roof’s edge is vulnerable to strong winds and thus requires an equally strong material. Traditionally, this part of the roof is reinforced using cut-up shingles. CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System, however, features starter shingles that comes in rolls and are installed using a layer of pre-installed special adhesive. This creates a perfectly sealed roofing edge that protects your roof deck from wind and water intrusion. As a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster, we can ensure that these starter shingle rolls will match the rest of the roof.

Ridge Vent and Accessories

Efficient ridge vents are important for venting hot, moist air out of the attic, preventing damage caused by trapped heat and moisture, as well as ice dams. Whereas ridge vents are often just gaps at the roof ridges, covered by cut-up shingle pieces, Integrity Roofing System features a specially designed ridge vent system that efficiently cycles fresh air into the attic. Accessory shingles are specifically made to cover these vents and complement the overall roof design. All these features are exclusively offered and installed by CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMasters.

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