Busting a Few Roofing Myths Here and Now

The internet is one of the most useful, world-changing inventions ever made by human society. However, it also comes with a lot of downsides, one of which is bad information. With the internet democratizing information, everybody can post anything on the internet without curating or fact-checking it, which can lead to the fast spread of “fake news.”

Busting a Few Roofing Myths Here and Now

One industry that’s affected by this misinformation is the roofing industry. What with all the myths surrounding how roof repairs work, homeowners ultimately pay the price for believing outright lies. In today’s post by Winfield Builders, we set the record straight on some of the most common myths in the industry.

Small Repairs Can Be Delayed Indefinitely

You can definitely push back repairs, no matter how big they are, but remember that issues that need repair will naturally become bigger and more problematic the more you delay addressing them. When roofing problems rear their ugly heads, deal with them as soon as possible so you don’t have to when they’ve become too big, complex, or expensive down the road.

Why Replace When You Can Repair?

Any roofing company would say that an old roof will inevitably need to be replaced. Some homeowners would rather repair their old roofs piecemeal or patch by patch. While no one is certainly stopping you from doing so, this is a very tedious, inefficient, and unnecessarily expensive way to do things. When your roof is over two decades old, it’s about time to replace it completely instead of spending every week trying to fix what’s wrong with your roof.

You Can See Roof Problems at a Glance

Not really. What you’re talking about is superficial damage, which is generally shallow and easy to fix anyway. However, the more dangerous problems are hidden from view. These problems may occur in your roof deck, the underlayment, or with your flashings, among others. Only a certified roofing contractor can inspect for and find these issues and recommend an action plan for them.

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