Benefits of Working With a Haag Inspector

Not all roofing problems are obvious to the untrained eye, and even problems that are obvious can be difficult to diagnose. This is why investing in regular inspections from an experienced roofing professional is a smart choice. A Haag certified roofing inspector, like Winfield Builders, can identify underlying issues and diagnose the root cause of any problem with your roof, providing effective solutions.

Benefits of Working With a Haag Inspector

Here’s how you’ll benefit by working with a Haag certified company:

What Is a HAAG Certification?

A Haag certification is a recognition awarded to roofing companies that have undergone Haag’s extensive training programs. These three-day courses help professional roofers become better damage assessment specialists through a series of tests and training.

To qualify for the certification, roofers have to be both effective and efficient in assessing roofing damage. A Haag roofing company is expected to report the causes of the roof damage using the techniques learned in the course. Haag’s certification program is best suited for intermediate level roofers that need to specialize in becoming a roof damage inspector.

Benefits of Working With a Haag Inspector

Working with a Haag inspector gives you confidence that your project is in the hands of experts. You can expect to receive detailed reports regarding the cause of damage to your roof and tailored solutions to fix every issue.

As the resident Haag inspector authority in Maryland, we will deliver you premium roof assessment services. From storm damage to leaks, we can pinpoint your roof’s problem and deliver the best solution.

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