A Guide to Choosing the Right Kind of Warranty

When investing in a new roofing system, one of the most important factors to consider is the warranty. In the event of unforeseen damage to your new roof, a strong warranty will protect you from incurring additional costs to an already significant investment. Winfield Builders elaborates on the factors you need to consider when choosing a warranty.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Kind of Warranty

Material Coverage: Material or Material-and-Labor 

Material warranties cover factory defects, while material-and-labor warranties cover damage stemming from factory and installation errors. In the event a roof with a material warranty is damaged by faulty installation, the manufacturer will only send you a repair kit, and you’ll have to fix the roof yourself. But with a material-and-labor warranty, the manufacturer will cover the replacement and reinstallation costs for you.

Keep in mind that in order for your roof to qualify for a material-and-labor warranty, it has to be installed by a licensed roofing company or contractor and inspected by the manufacturer’s technical worker.

Cost Coverage: Original Cost, Prorated and No Dollar 

After deciding what types of damage will be covered by your warranty, you now have to determine up to how much the manufacturer will pay for the repairs. The cost coverage is important because even with a warranty, your roof won’t be restored to its original condition if your manufacturer cuts back on the costs due to warranty restrictions.

You have three options when it comes to cost coverage: 

  • Original-Cost Warranties – Under this type of warranty, manufacturers won’t spend more than the original cost of your roof.
  • Prorated Warranties – The costs covered by this type of warranty diminish over time.
  • No-Dollar Limit Warranties – This is the best option for homeowners. Under this warranty, manufacturers will make sure your roof is restored to its original condition.

Regardless of the type of warranty you decide to choose, only hire qualified and reputable roofing contractors, like Winfield Builders, the winner of the 2016 Best of HomeAdvisor Award. We offer siding and roofing installation services. To get a free estimate, call (301) 329-8295 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Columbia and Annapolis, MD.

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