5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

While there are plenty of things to love about summer in Maryland, a sky-high energy bill isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there are a few key tactics you can leverage around the house to get your cooling bill lower. Here are five improvements you can make to send your energy usage plummeting.


  1. Clean Your Gutters


Gutters in Annapolis, MD, play a crucial role in promoting efficiency. When they are running smoothly, they prevent water from slipping out onto roofing, siding, and foundations. A dry house is an efficient house, because your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to meet demands. When gutters are clogged, however, you’ll notice yourself fighting more with the thermostat.


  1. Fix That Leak


Similarly, leaks on roofing Columba, MD, can also bog down your air conditioner. Not only does a leak indicate a passageway from the outside in, meaning hot air is entering your home, but it also means your house is harboring unnecessary moisture. You can lower your energy bill by fixing leaks and other roofing problems.


  1. Consider Upgrading to Metal Roofing


If you have the budget for it, a metal roof can make a significant dent in your power usage. Unlike conventional materials, metal reflects a majority of the sun’s heat and UV rays. This keeps the surface of your roof and the rest of your home cooler.


  1. Install Siding


Siding is another exterior feature that bring energy dependency down. It provides an excellent layer of insulation and protection from the outside elements. You’ll notice less hot air creeping into your walls.


  1. Replace Your Windows


Old windows can also be an energy zapper. If yours were installed more than 15 years ago, it’s time to upgrade. Modern windows are engineered to keep out significantly more sunlight and provide a superior seal.


Talk to your roofers in Silver Spring, MD, for even more ways to lower your cooling bill.

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