5 Understated Risks of Leaky Roofs

Roofing leaks are a common household problem, but they require immediate attention. Even a small leak can wreak havoc on your home if not dealt with properly and swiftly.

5 Understated Risks of Leaky Roofs

Here are five major risks of a leaky roof:

  1. Attic and Ceiling Damage: The presence of dark spots, bubbles, and expanded plasters in your attic or on your ceiling means you probably have a roof leak. The damage can spread and cause both aesthetic and structural damage to your interior if you fail to repair the leaks at the source.
  2. Mold and Mildew Growth: This long-term effect of a leaky roofing system poses a serious threat to you and your family’s health. The presence of mold and mildew in your home can be a serious problem for people prone to nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, inflammation, and especially asthma.
  3. Fire Hazard: Electrical wiring in your attic becomes a fire hazard if you neglect existing leaks. Water coming in through holes in your roof may eventually reach these delicate areas. Resultant sparks can cause a fire.
  4. Diminished Energy Efficiency: Leaky roofs will also cause a spike in your energy bills. Since water intrusion is highly detrimental to insulation, your HVAC system will end up working harder, consuming more energy to keep your interior temperature at a comfortable level. In addition, you may also want to check your siding for signs of compromised insulation.
  5. Structural Issues: Structural integrity issues are often the result of cumulative water damage. Left unchecked, leaks can lead to a gradual degradation of wooden components in your attic space. The result is expensive framing repairs, so make it a point to give leaks the attention they require.

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