5 Factors That Determine the Cost of Metal Roofing

Many factors affect the cost of metal roof installation. In this blog, local gutters and roofing contractor Winfield Builders discuss how contractors calculate the cost for a metal roof.

  1. Type of Metal — You can choose from galvanized steel, aluminum, copper or zinc. A significant portion of the roofing cost will depend on the type of metal you choose. Copper and zinc cost more, but they have longer lifespans and generally, do not require much maintenance.

  1. Fasteners — There are many types of fasteners that can be used on metal roofs. Exposed fasteners are the more common type, and usually the most affordable. Concealed fasteners are another option that is becoming more popular because they’re more durable and give the roof a cleaner look. However, concealed fasteners take longer for roofers to install, which increases the cost of labor.

  1. Style — There are two styles of metal roofing: standing seam (also known as a vertical seam) and modular roofing, which can look like tile or slate. Differences in style in terms of the manufacturing process and installation method can make a significant difference in cost.

  1. Coatings — Coatings work very well on metal roofs, and there is a wide variety of coatings to choose from. In addition to paints applied during manufacturing or on-site, specialty coatings like clear coats are available. A clear coat helps maintain a like-new bare metal look and typically lasts up to seven years. Aggregate or stone coatings are common with modular metal roofs.

  1. Configuration — This refers to the roof pitch, home-style, and other aspects that affect the roofing structure. For example, changes to the roofing slope affect the roof area. The steeper the slope, the bigger the area; therefore, the more roofing material is needed to cover it. There’s also the matter of how complicated the roof is. A two-plane roof is simple to install, while a roof with several connecting planes and protrusions such as chimneys and dormers is more complicated.

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