4 Ways Gutters Assist Your House

Although practically anyone likes to take care of them, gutters in Annapolis, MD, play a significant role in the function and performance of our homes. When they’re draining as intended, they can help reduce energy costs as well as protect the rest of our homes from storm damage. When they’re clogged or running inefficiently, however, gutters can take the rest of the house down with them. Here are some of the most important ways healthy gutters assist our homes.


  1. Keep You Dry in a Rain Storm


Gutters are our homes’ first defense against an onslaught of precipitation. This is especially important in spring and summer months, when rain and hailstorms frequent the area. Gutters assist our exteriors by diverting runoff where it needs to go. They direct rainwater away from our roofs, siding, and foundations and into designated drains.


  1. Protect Siding From Water Damage


Siding and roofing in Columbia, MD, can take a beating during bouts of severe weather, but gutters can help to mitigate the damage. Instead of spilling over onto siding where it can seep in and create problems, water remains in gutters and is kept away from vulnerable siding during heavy rain.


  1. Prevent Runoff From Flooding Your Basement


Gutters also prevent runoff from accumulating around our foundations and in our basements. If your gutters are clogged with debris, you could find yourself with a flooded basement during the next thunderstorm. Without gutters, water simply ends up pooling around the foundation and ultimately ends up in the basement.


  1. Improve In-Home Energy-Efficiency


If you ask your roofing company in Annapolis, MD, what the best way to cut heating and cooling costs is, they’ll likely ask you if you’ve cleaned your gutters recently. When leaves and other detritus are allowed to sit in gutters, they retain moisture and make it a struggle for your air conditioner to keep up. If your home feels cold all the time, make sure to clean your gutters!


These are just some of the most important ways gutters assist our homes.

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