4 Signs You Need Better Roofing Ventilation

Roof ventilation is a small part of your roof, yet what it does is essential to your roof’s health. Insufficient ventilation can result in problems such as structural damage, higher cooling bills, and, as we recently discussed, attic “rain”. But how can you tell if your roof is getting enough ventilation? In today’s post, the local roofers at Winfield Builders discuss the signs that your roof needs better ventilation.


1. Your Cooling Bills Are Higher Than Usual — Hot and humid air naturally moves upwards, which can get trapped in an attic that lacks proper ventilation. This can have a detrimental effect during the summer season. The excess heat can radiate back into your indoor living space, which can raise your indoor cooling requirements, resulting in higher energy consumption.

2. Your Attic Feels Hot and Humid — You should notice the difference in heat and humidity right after you climb into the attic. Without proper ventilation, the attic can feel much hotter than it is outdoors. If possible, try to check the vents at the soffits, which are located near where the gutters are. You should feel cool air coming in through those vents. If not, then the ridge vents are not creating airflow as they should.

3. Clumping Insulation — Excess moisture in the attic can lead to a lot of problems, including the aforementioned attic “rain,” as well as damage to roofing structural components. Another sign of trapped heat and moisture in the attic, one that you can easily identify by sight, is clumping insulation, a result of moisture coming into contact with insulating material. While insulation can be reapplied, clumping can still reoccur unless the ventilation issue is fixed.

4. Ice Dams — Ice dams are the result of two things: insufficient roof insulation and trapped heat in the attic. During winter, trapped heat can raise the surface temperature of the roof and melt the snow on it, which refreezes as it reaches the roof’s edge, eventually forming a dam-like barrier. This can let moisture flow under the roof edge and cause damage to the decking.

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